Guin 2

Guin, The Leopard Warrior.

The title character and main protagonist. Guin is a mysterious warrior with the head of a leopard. He stumbles upon Remus and Rinda being attacked by soldiers and defeats the entire unit singlehandedly. He remembers nothing of his past, knowing only his fighting instincts, what he believes is his name, and a word: Aurra. Guin is often put in position where he will suddenly have a skill he doesn't know he has. As of Vol 4 of the novels, he starts to realize that he really is part of the Destiny reshaping the land.

He's inhumanly strong and knowledgeable about battle strategies, causing the Mongauli army to fear and respect him as a warrior, as he often will set up battle scenarios and jump into battle himself with inhuman skill.

The Seven MagiEdit

In the three volume manga series, Guin is King of Cheironia, and must contened with dark forces that dare to prey on his realm.

Voice ActorsEdit

His Japanese seiyuu is Kenyu Horiuchi, and his English voice actor is David Wald. In the english trailer however he was voiced by Jamieson Price.


  • Guin sometimes weilds his sword left handed. So he could be Ambidextrious.
  • The Tekken Character "King" is similar to Guin.
  • The Suikoden character FuSuLu is based on Guin.


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