Aldo Naris

Aldo Naris is the duke of crystal and is bestowed to Rinda. His brother is a wandering minstrel.  He is also next in line for royalty in Parros after Remus and Rinda.  His beauty is considered to rival anyone's; he has long black hair and cold, blue eyes.

Under Monguls attack of the crystal city Naris helps Rind and Remus escape fighting of Monguls soldiers. Afterwards he leaves the crystal city for an unkown amount of time. He is smuggled back into the city by loyal knights. He is then captured by the Monguls and engaged to Princess Amnelis to solidify Mongul hold on Paris. The two are engaged and Amnelis falls in love with Naris. However the Archduke Vlad of Mongul plots to have Naris killed after the wedding night. To avoid this Naris fakes his own death at the cermony.

Naris goes into hiding and appears again as the leader off the holy knights of Paris liberating the city.